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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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influential unions released a video that compares the arizona measure to the berlin wall and japanese internment. take auto look. night. >> juan: o'reilly factor is on. >> we got the right plan. the plan is perfect. politics is a contact sport. complete the dang things. you expect people going after the dang things. you. juan juan president obama sits >> attention of a dangerous down with the ladies on theview. world is focused on east and >> we were losing jobs when i was sworn in. west germany and berlin. we have now gadged gained jobs for five consecutive months. >> stealing a good idea from >> juan: defends his administration while calling out the media bill o'reilly himself sheriff joe housing, illegals, will weigh in. much lower cost. >> the damage things. the damage things. the damage things. >> when the japanese attacked pearl harbor our west coast became a potential combat zone. dang things. >> when they go home, maybe they will stay home and not come >> a big labor union compares back. >> military authorities arizona's new immigration law to therefore determined that awful the berlin wall and japanese them would have to move. interment camps. >> juan: joining us from kansas could this strategy back fire? city chris cobach a former we will debate it. >> my lips are sealed. justice department official who i'm under very strict orders not co-authored the arizona law. and from boston susan church, an
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to talk about it. >> and a presidential wedding. immigration attorney. chelsea clinton scheduled to tie susan, let me begin with you. you know what? i have my question about the the knot this weekend. immigration law. how extravagant will this bash i think that video is way, way, somebody in our culture warriors way over the top. i mean, to me, japanese will weigh in. >> it would be tough enough having one president at a internment? wedding. you don't want two presidents at it looks like scare tactics a wedding. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. tonight in stir up a base in the factor begins right now. political race but has very little to do with the reality. am i off here, susan? >> well, i think the reality here is what the hispanic community is feeling as a result of these laws in arizona that are clearly targeted just at them despite everyone's >> lot of news. statements to the contrary. a busy day and a lot of reaction this is a warning shot to the to president obama's appearance on theview today. people that all of these bill o'reilly himself will join situations in our past history, us in a moment with his take on the mexican deportation act, the how the president did. japanese internment all started but, first, let's take a look at some the highlights. with irrational fears over different people of different >> the last 20 months has been a colors, different fashionalities nonstop effort to restart the and irrational fears if they economy, to stabilize the were not put a stop to at the financial system, to make sure appropriate time led to horrific that we're creating jobs again
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instead of losing them. behavior on behalf of many people and strong victimization and in the midst of all of that, of japanese americans. we have also had the oil spill, so i think the warning that we have also had two wars. things could go badly. as much as you said it's been >> juan: you think this is okay to say these outrageous things? tough for me, the truth is, it's you think it's great? >> i think it's important for not tough for me. americans to understand that you know, i have got poem, when you pass laws the way -- like the ones that arizona has passed that are clearly targeted pundits on the news who may say things about you. at minority of people in the >> you noticed? >> of course. country that bad things happen. >> right wing through fox news and other outlets they seem to >> juan: susan, that's not what the video -- it wasn't a be hijacking the narrative. discussion about it. it was to my mind an effort to we're on -- where on your side scare people and speculative is the narrative. where is your attack dog to come there is no reality to it again, all right, so let me bring chris out and tell the american people, listen, this is what we cobach. do you think the video was did. >> joy, that's your job. great? >> no. juan, you were right when you [cheers and applause] described it as outrageous. >> we are in a state of i thought the comparison was particularly idiotic between the berlin wall and the border fence such as it exists on the chronic -- we heard in the beginning of the show as well. southern border. you claim there is saved job. the ber line wall was built to a standard that's not been used keep people. in the fence on our southern before by any administration. >> well, actually, elizabeth, border is built to keep people what's happened is is that we out who violate the laws and only allow those in who follow have gained private sector jobs our laws. for the last five months. it's like comparing the door to your house on a door on a jail
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so we were losing jobs when i was sworn in, as i said, 750,000 cell. the jail cell sin tended to keep jobs per month. people in prison. the door on the house is to only we have now gained jobs for five allow in guests. the part about japanese con seq.ive -- did you do it on internment camps were wrong because they targeted people because of their ethnicity and the side? >>. no i have a blackberry, but only their ancestry. specifically interned people of 10 people have it i have got to japanese origin. the arizona law says on its face admit it's no fun, because they four times it says this law think that it's probably going shall not be enforced with to be subject to the presidential records ability. so nobody wants to send me the consideration of a person's real juicy stuff. national origin. the arizona law is race neutral. nationality neutral and clearly >> juan: joining us now on the something that is fair and phone, the aforementioned bill constitutional. the justice department didn't o'reilly. bill o'reilly, thanks for taking even bring a racial profiling time from your vacation. against the arizona law. >> bill: all right, juan. >> juan: susan? i watched the show today with >> i think we all know what's going on here. we all can be honest about this the ladies. and, you know, i have been there law and know that if a police about, i would say seven or officer determines quote unquote eight times in that seat. with reasonable suspicion that and i think obama did pretty someone is illegal it's not going to be because the person is white and speaks are w. no well. he was relaxed. accent. he knew what he wanted to say. think we all can be honest and he knew -- i don't think he knew admit that reasonable suspicion the questions in advance but he is largely 85 to 95% of the time certainly knew it was a friendly audience except for elisabeth is based on a way a person acts
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hasselbeck. and acts. and it was more like a campaign even lebleg later who advocated rally. for passage of this law. i got that campaign rally thing out of that. how did you pick it up? let me finish. each legislature who advocated >> well, you know, i looked at for passage of this law we can the news of it, bill. tell when somebody is illegal we and it seems to me that he went can tell by looking at their there because he is after an shoes. if people are honest, they will audience of women. and he right now is sinking in admit what this law is based on. the polls and he thinks it's >> your point about this racial profiling? with conservative women. >> i think susan's problem is i should say independent not with the law. her problem is with law conservative leaning independent enforcement officers. women and he thinks they watch she seems to think that they are "the view." "the view" has 3 to 4 million inherently evil biased people. the law says in addition to 14th women who watch. you know this. they can move the polls. amendment protections you also so that's what he was doing have the protections of the statute. there. and i think the most newsy thing and this statute does not allow a law enforcement officer to consider your race, color, or did he was say that he has been creating jobs for the last five nationality. months. >> juan: susan, chris. >> the question is what is the what say you? >> bill: well, the women thing, yeah, okay. law officer to consider then but this is basically a chosen what else? the way they talk? there is nothing else to base venue because there is no challenge to it. illegality on. >> juan: we heard the debate. i appreciate it. that's number one. number two, if he goes on any i think people have a better program like that, it's going to get picked up on the internet so understanding because of the two of you. everybody is going to see it and chelsea clinton is tieing the then you know cable news is going to pick it up and run with knot this weekend in a wedding that is said to cost millions is
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it. so it's not about being on "the that effort top in this trying view." everybody gets to sear see and times? culture warriors on that. hear what he says. then, nancy pelosi promised the you select a view that is most ethical congress in friendly. he came off fine. history. congressman charlie rangel's ethics crisis could pose big jobs. in the entire obama experience, which is 18 months, the country problems for democrats in the has lost 2.5 million private fall. we'll analyze the situation. please, stick around for those sector jobs. all right? reports. that is according to the labor department. bureau of labor statistics, so 2.5 million jobs in the private sector gone. since mr. obama has been president. sounds bad, okay? but we all know he inherited a situation that was pretty intense. and in the last five months, he has added about 600,000 jobs. not he, but the country. 600,000 jobs in 2010. however, the government has spent nearly 500 billion, that's half a trillion dollars stimulating the economy to add these 600,000. which is a pull tri, a poll tri
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performance. you going to spend half a trillion dollars you better add more than 600,000 jobs. do the math. it's crazy. so what the president is saying number one, he saved the country from a depression. well, can he say that who can prove it? nobody. number two, that he saved, s-a-v-e-d. that he saved all these jobs. who can prove that. nobody. most important thing he said, this is very, very true for barack obama. that he believes in his heart all the controversy, all the low polls, all the trouble he is having right now is going to go away because his economic policies are going to pay off and the economy is going to rise the last two years of his first term. that's what he believes will save him. >> juan: bill, let me challenge you here. it's without a doubt true what he said. for the last five months the u.s. economy has been adding jobs. what we know is coming out of the bush years, the u.s. economy was losing jobs. >> juan, if you are going to spend that much money, come on,
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why don't you just send the checks to the people. champions cheaper. come on. >> 64% of the stimulus money has already been spent. that bucks up your point. here is my point to you. right now, he is still making the case, do you want to go backwards or do you want to go forwards? >> >> bill: yawn, i would like the the -- juan, i would like the economy to prosper but not be bankrupt at the end of it. how about you? >> no doubt. >> bill: he is spending half a trillion dollars to add 600,000 jobs. come on,juan. do the math, man. we don't have the money to do that. >> bill, the question is, and you picked up on this early. would we be in a depression had he not. >> bill: who knows. >> you say we don't know. >> bill: nobody knows. >> were you willing to take the risk bill o'reilly? >> bill: was i willing to do? >> yeah. >> bill: from the very beginning i departed departed from some oe conservative idealogues who said no government interference.
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i departed. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. -- juan juan thanks for staying i thought bush was going to with us. throw up when he came out and i'm juan williams in for bill made the announcement when the economy was on the brink of o'reilly. culture warriors segment tonight disaster. did you see his face? so they presidented to bush, approval rating of president hey, the banks are going to go obama has slipped since january under. the mortgage lenders are going to go under. of 2009 when he took office. everybody is going to go under. take a listen to why he went on the car companies. "the view." if you don't do anything to prop >> have you gone through a it up, it's going to be a little bit of a beating the last depression. so bush did. month. so, therefore, i said okay if do you really think that being bush is going to be this, you on the show with a bunch of women, five women who never shut know, intense about it, how do i up is going to be calming? know? i don't have the stats coming into my house. >> look, i was trying to find a so i supported the thing. show that michelle actually there comes a point where the watched. [ laughter ] country gets damaged by the enormous spending that's going [ applause ] >> this is it right here. on. i think we have reached that point. barack obama didn't say one >> all those news shows she like thing today about spending the let me get the clicker. country into bankruptcy. not one thing because joy behar was more interested in pointing >> juan: was president obama's visit to "the view" an attempt out the conservatives are after to get back women voters? with us now gretchen carlson and you. when are you going to reply to them? fox news analyst margaret like the liberals weren't after bush, joy? hoover. now, i don't know what you guys did you miss those years? heard there. i think he said news. were you in a coma? but some people tell me they
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heard him say news shows as ononyou said you sat on that opposed to news shows. couch. you know they set on a certain >> totally different meaning. way. >> lean, juan? >> if he said news shows what's your response. talk about a tank. there is not a tank big enough. >> my response is of course michelle obama watches news >> juan: i know this music started. i want to make a point to you. if you look at the polls right shows. are you kidding me? now on job creation. she is the first lady of the united states. to me if he said news shows, something like this. 80% of republicans disapprove. this was a complete dig at the cable operations and probably 67% of independents disprove bill o'reilly. i think that's why he was on specifically fox news. he had to get the message out, i "the view." i think most americans right now think, that she watches "the view" but she doesn't pay any don't think that what obama is doing, the president, is leading attention to those people who might criticize obama from time to more jobs for the country. to time. >> like conservative commentators and conservatived >> bill: may be leading to more jobs, also might be leading to bankruptcy. media that joy behar pointed keep that in mind. thanks, juan. i appreciate you filling in for out. you can't bree grudge him to for me. trying to get back the women he bill. >> juan: you are welcome, bill. has lost over the last year. bernie goldberg was. i worry about the fact it may ed to the tv watching the not be presidential that he went on "the view." more power to him. interview. >> some are arguing that the go for it. president is diminishing the women who are the nexus of the office by appearing with theview family who are not employed, husbands are employed. ladies. ladies. was his chat a desperate move or [ mosquitoes ] kids are employed. when the numbers don't change,
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barack obama risks oversaturating the market. he risks talking too much and having too few results to prove for it people are worried about jobs. worried about the deficit. and worried about the economy. a lot of talk doesn't mean results. >> exactly why he shouldn't have gone on theview in my point of view. because you would not get -- you did not get the tough questions. come on, people are concerned [ female announcer ] what's worse, mosquitoes... about their pocketbooks right now. they are concerned about the war [ holds his breath ] in afghanistan. ...or mosquito spray? they are very concerned about health care. huh! and i thought it was a [ female announcer ] try off! clip-on personal mosquito repellent. disservice to the women viewers who are smart people to not ask lab tests show this sprayless repellent really repels. him all of those tough questions in minutes its fan surrounds you and sincerely challenge him. with proven off! protection... >> juan: i love it i think you guys are on target. [ dive, repel ] let me get in trouble right here ...wherever you're sitting. so, don't spray it on -- clip it on. right now. on a table, chair...anywhere. i think women said hey, wait a off! clip-on. keeps bugs off! minute. he looked radio laxed. he is talking about the girls [ single buzz, swat! ] might have to do some sc johnson. a family company. baby-sitting. >> who cares? >> is that right? >> in a country in a state that we are in right now i any that most women who say who cares.
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tell us about jobs. >> juan: you think barbara walters and that group on the couch were con descending to their viewers, to american women lie bye asking all those questions and elisabeth hasselbeck was on target when she got serious and asked about job creation? >> i think elizabeth did a great job by asking about jobs. that's what women care about. women are the nexus of their families. they are the center. they are holding together. sarah palin is talking about momma grizzlies and how people feel uncertain. barack obama was trying to address that by going on theview. they didn't ask him any tough questions except elizabeth. >> i live in washington political word. they talk about women as mortgage moms. they are concerned about making the mort divage payment. they want to make sure their husband has a job, has health insurance and that the kids have clothes to go back to school in the fall. >> or that they have a job as well. >> juan: right, absolutely. women as we know make most of the economic decisions in the family. >> juan: so you think they were talking down today and in fact women wanted serious questions.
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>> i don't want to criticize "the view" in the way in which they do their questioning too much. let's face it, they usually do not ask hard nosed questions. i think that was a disservice to >> continuing now with our top their viewers today. story, president obama's appearance on theview. let's bring in fox news analyst >> juan: tough times. we all agree. need for jobs. bernie goldberg who joins us this weekend, i don't know, did you guys get invitations to the from north carolina. bernie, you were watching. big wedding out in ryan beck? you were glued. >> i wish i did. you know, "the view" normally gets 3 to 4 million viewers and chelsea clinton and her bo? today they had you. so what did you think? >> 4 million and one, right? they say this wedding could cost between 3 and $5 million. let me talk directly to the 3 to 5 million. civilians. my civilian friends who are margaret? >> certainly no mortgage mom watching. this is how television works. could afford to pay 3 to everybody uses everybody. $5 million for her child to get married. let's be honest here. "the view" got what it needed. i'm a bit sensitive to chilly and barack obama got what he she in this because i just got needed. "the view" needed the president married as well. no bride is ever really in because of the ratings. i mean, it's a no-brainer. charge of her wedding especially if she is the daughter of bill and hillary clinton. big celebrities, flashy friends. and barack and -- some of them e over the top wedding. and that's all there is too it. i don't judge. i wish her the best in her independents. the polls indicate he has lost wedding. women and he has lost >> juan: is it crass? is it ostentatious that you
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independents. he got to flash that would spend this much money in million-dollar smile. these times. they love that he got to show >> they made this money. how charming he was. come on, we talk so much about they love that. free enterprise. and he got to talk about his and wanting to herald the people wife and family, and they really, really love that. in our society who have made it for themselves. and then he got to sit next to shear an example of two people joe boy harr who couldn't figure who have made it for themselves. out why everybody in the whole this is their only child. damn world doesn't love barack i don't give any rip how much obama as much as she does. i mean, it was a win-win they spend. >> some whos in the clintons' situation. everybody got what they needed out of this deal. life. this is like a pure moment of >> let me just say. joy for them. this in facts when we talk about i cherish it for them. the women in theview. i really do. we have seen their personal life i was curious to learn this 79% up and down for 10, 15 years. of the viewers are women. >> juan: let me say to you guys median age 59 years old. as a dad who has to pay for his you are talking about older women. daughter's wedding oh my god! people are home during the day oh my god! to watch the show. and i think those are women who you are scaring me over here. are generally not pleased with gretchen, margaret, thank you barack obama. both. >> you are welcome. those are women, he is >> juan: a little housekeeping. this is the last call for especially if you are talking about white older women who are premium members to watch bill's concerned about, especially the health care reform deal. back stage exclusive interwould you have megyn kelly on bill >> good point. and that's why i say it a o' martha maccallum is on the hot couldn't hurt. seat next starting next week. because some of them might not coming up democratic congressman
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even want to vote in this charlie rangel in the midst of election if they were democrats an ethics crisis that could pose in november. big problems for democrats in maybe he will brick some of -- november. and also, the democrats unleash bring some of them back. a new attack against republicans if you are independents, you are right, they don't like him last and the tea party movement. year at this time he had 56% of details on that upcoming. the independents. this year he has 38%. maybe he brings some of them back. look, there was nothing bad in it. except that he was on "the view," of course. but there was. [ laughter ] >> juan: wait a second, let's stop there for a second. he is the first president to go on daytime tv. he was the first to go on nighttime tv because he went on leno and letterman. first time daytime. berpy, how's come he didn't go on his friend's show, oprah? >> i don't know. he would get a lot of people out there, too. i don't know, new york is closer than chicago is. it could be -- i have no idea. you know what? joy behar said something that i found very interesting. and really important. nobody is going to confuse her with the serious liberal
5:15 am
thinker. but, serious liberal thinkers to the extent that there is such a thing have the same position as she does. and that is that the right has hijacked as she put it the narrative. here's a bulletin to all my liberal friends. the argument isn't between liberals or conservative medias or conservatives or fox news or anything like that. the argument really is between liberals, barack obama and other liberals, and the american people the right hasn't hijacked the narrative. the american people doesn't like almost everything hey has done. he passed a stimulus bill. the polls show most americans say it wasn't worth the money. he shoved obama care down everybody's throat, even knowing that most americans didn't want it. the arizona law must americans like that. he sues arizona. the debate is between barack obama and american people not
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barack obama and conservatives and not barack obama and the conservative media. >> juan: how have you come to something that is hot. i'm saying hot last week at the convention in a third way gathering of democratic politicians this week, the same thing. that the messaging is off. that, in fact, the president should be getting credit for all of his legislative accomplish. s, including the stimulus spending that has kept the country out of depression. health care for financial reform. why is the president not getting benefits. why is he allowing the republicans, and i guess they mean fox news to really define him? now you are saying it's not any kind of conservative media it's not messaging. it's the facts. >> american people. it's the fact of what he has done. >> i have heard intelligent people on the left say he has passed all these things and then they say and he still has sliding poll ratings. i mean, it's almost funny.
5:17 am
he passed all those things and that's why he has lower and lower poll ration. it's a direct relationship. it's not enough to simply pass things. you have to pass things that the american people want you to pass. he has done just the opposite. >> juan: it's not a selling job. you have think it's the messaging is not the issue. we shouldn't blame the communications office at the white house. we shouldn't say that he should have been on theview earlier. it's actually the substance? >> bingo. >> juan: got it bernie, thanks. up next, was the presidential >> juan: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the appearance on theview a sign ethics scandal involving long political strength or political time democratic congressman weakness? both sides will make their case charlie rangel it threatens to and, later, one union is do serious damage to speaker nancy pelosi's desire to keep comparing arizona's anti-illegal her party in control of the immigration law to the japanese house of representatives. internment during world war ii. congressman rangle is facing will these scare tactics back ethics charges involving financial shenanigans and fire? ????????????? improper fundraising, among other things. joining us now from washington to discuss this and the implications for democrats or republicans is a.b. stoddard, an
5:18 am
associate editor of the hill newspaper. a.b., what about it? is there a chance that you know what? the democrats could be spardz this and that charlie rangel realizes hey, wait a second, if i'm crashing and burning, i don't need to crash and burn the whole democratic party? >> well, it's interesting that you ask that, juan, because the democrats are trying to make clear behind closed doors that charlie rangel has always been a loyal democrat. he has never been a rogue member who has gone off and done his own thing. he has always been good to the party. and he has always been a team player. it just looks right now that a deal for charlie rangel only exposes him to more legal liabilities. it would clearly help his party but it just looks after what we have seen this week that he doesn't want to give his party a deal. the charges were read today. they are very serious. it look us like he? a violation of 13 different rules and regulations and laws. i think that he at this point is dug. in and i think the party, you
5:19 am
know, is holding out the hope that over a six weeks of recess through august and early september they can build the pressure privately and through calls for his resignation for him to put a stop to that trial. at this point it looks like he is going ahead. >> juan: for the viewers, let's just say exactly that what it is he is charged with. as i understand it he didn't disclose about a half million dollars on his financial disclosure statement. has he got a bunch of rent controlled apartments in new york. some questionable use in howe he got those apartments. questions on how he paid taxes on a villa down in the dominican republic. questions about solicitations for a center in his name at a city college of new york. is this serious enough that he might be expelled? in fact that he tries to protect his legacy, he could, in fact, sufficiently damage his legacy that nobody remembers him for anything but this? >> oh, absolutely. i think at this point his legacy will be that trial. even if he didn't get expelled, even if he censure or something
5:20 am
a lesser punishment. he will always be remembered for going out this way. he has a choice now, juan, where he could resign and that would put him outside of the rules of the congress. obviously any other legal liability would still, you know, he would still being investigated by the department of justice or wherever else he is go going to be investigated. the congress just putting him on this trial, a very rare spectacle will be the legacy of charlie rangel. these are serious violations about using his office for personal gain and not -- when you are chairman of the tax writing committee and you can't pay your taxes right, it's very embarrassing. this will be his legacy as a choice to walk away and step down or have this big speck of a trial. >> juan: two questions, a.b. one, is it going to impact democrats out on the campaign trail? they are hearing about this from their constituents right now? >> that's a very good question. and the answer is no. are there voters who occasionally bring up charlie rangel?
5:21 am
absolutely. if you query the members who are holding on by the skin of their house seats, juan, most of them won in 2006 and 2008, they hold formerly republican seats. they are in conservative battleground districts. let me tell you right now, they are not hearing about charlie >> juan: in the impact segment rangel' they are on the stimulus tonight, president obama's appearance on theview was not all serious. and the economy and everything the ladies took some time to quiz him on the latest in pop else. >> juan: charlie rangel is one culture. of the co-founders of the black >> what's the first couple of caucus are they acting as a bull songs on your ipod? >> you name a song, i have got winkle to tell others have you it. got to go. >> they have all week. whether it's i've got jay-z on please don't make a rush to judgment. here are the charges. that happened today. there. [ applause ] >> i have got frank sinatra on that's why we think more public calls for resignation will start there. >> do you know that lindsay pouring in now. lohan is in jail? >> i actually no -- know that, >> juan: a.b., thanks so much. the democratic party calls for plans to link republicans with yes. the tea party. >> should snooky run as mayor of they are trying to paint the with a wazilla. g.o.p. as radical and extreme. will it work? we will tell you what the dnc chairman is saying. >> i have got to admit i don't know who snooky is. >> juan: clearly they were amused.
5:22 am
some conservatives and even some democrats are concerned that his appearance on the daytime talk show diminishes the presidential office and even appears a bit desperate. joining us now from pensacola, florida mike pam toneio. conservative columnist and fox news contributor andrea tantaros. andrea, let's start with you. what's so bad? he got the audience. you heard what bernie said. it was a win-win situation. he got the audience. >> i don't know if it was a win-win situation. if we were creating jobs and we had 5% unemployment that was low. i think we would look at this in a completely different light. i think we would be looking at this saying this is part of his brand. this is what barack obama does. but that's not the reality. and my sense is that this does appear desperate because the white house is looking at numbers, juan. they are seeing, you know, women are slipping. hispanics are slipping. jews are slipping. it's my column today. it's his coalition that elected him is imploding.
5:23 am
i have got to tell you today he went out today because the new fox news poll shows 46% of women now show disprove. when he was elected in the 60's. that shows sign of trouble. old greek saying men are the house of the women are the neck. they can turn the head anyway they want. >> juan: i'm hearing from andrea. he has got a problem. if he decides to reach out to the american people by going on "the view." . isn't that smart? in the back of the -- in >> she gave -- andrea gave every reason why he made the right the back of the book segment decision here. look, good politicians always need to dance with the people new plans to link the tea who brought them to the dance. you know who brought him last party movement to pain the gop as extremists, he defended the time? women. 56% of the voters of women who strategy this morning. voted voted for him for president. >> we are going to win races now, look. 4 million people watch "the this november i don't think we view." have you got demographics on would have won had it not been that show that show 18 to for the tea party. they're chasing folks out of 49-year-old women are watching the republican party. that program. that's the first part. there is energy there. the second part, juan, is that we got to pay attention to
5:24 am
age group, 18 to 49. that. they are working to maybe the that's his second most powerful republican party in our view, narrower, ideologically and block. is he doing exactly what andrea demographicly angie said -- i guess suggested he geographically. should do. >> the question is, will this wait a second. strategy help the democrats as juan juan here is my point to you. ed rendell, governor of the country gears up for the pennsylvania said the other day midterm election this so what's next? november? jerry springer? joining us from washington >> can i tell you something? penny lee. there is something that i call a how can this work, when a lot burk and stock democrat. of what you hear tim kaine you know what the burk and stock democrat is out of touch with talking about isn't what the republicans are talking about. the american public. they ought to be appreciative if there are certain candidates who are tea party candidates a day one this president can go who may have certain extreme show up and stockholm and accept views but that is not true of the nobel peace prize. the republicans. >> when they said they were day two he can show up on gonna form a tea party caucus, "saturday night live" or leno and letterman and day three he can show up on "the view." michelle bachmann and others that's what america is made up embraced this tea party they of. >> that's not what america became one and the same. wants. >> we are adversity. that's arrogant position to take. showing the gop and tea party >> mike, are you not looking at are almost one in the same. the polls? the reason he went on is because and they have extreme views, he is in trouble. he has a perception problem. views that out of the >> exactly.
5:25 am
you got it. mainstream and views that need to be exposed. news flash. so i applaud the dnc for doing >> you must think women are very stupid. >> they are not stupid at all. this. >> you think it is okay to >> hang on, mike. define your opponent even if i let you talk. now let me talk. you are defining them wrongly? >> okay. go ahead. >> jay-z on my ipod and so >> wrongly? does barack obama doesn't make me like him now. >> that's what he did. the reality is the dogs don't he said for example, that he like the food. women don't like his health care this blueprint of what they stand for like privatizing plan. americans don't like his health care plan. social security, ending they are uneasy about the medicare is that in the economy. republican platform i must >> you are out of touch. have missed it? >> he went on this show. >> look at sharron angle >> if you are out of touch. >> mike, let me finish, please. running against harry reid in >> go ahead. >> please, i let you finish. nevada. running as a gop but claims to every hour that he is on "the be part of the tea party view" is another hour that he ♪ working in creating jobs. movement. what is she against >> oh, come on. privatizing social security. >> it's the perception issue. she said if we have a people look at him on "the view" and they make him look disagreement we need to stand behind the second amendment and take people out. unserious. juan juan mike, it's your turn. how can you divorce the two. go ahead. >> it's a real problem. >> you you know why critics like >> be for real. andrea are upset about this? wait a minute that is÷xh one candidate. >> and she is a republican. they forget that their president, george bush, showed >> caricaturing sharron angle up on real press tv. a bit, i don't know you need you may not remember, this to do it. andrea, i do. is not what all republicans when he showed up on the dr. phil show. stand for that's all i'm
5:26 am
let me get this right. "the view" and dr. phil. saying. >> juan, they want to be a and you're concerned that he part of it.ifññ showed up on "the view." since 2008, they've been your president showed up on leaderless. dr. phil. and they've been trying to you said you grping to let me find a voice, vision and leader. talk. let me bothers you about what michael steele was not the person to put in front. they are all having buyer's remorse now. happened they love him because so they are attaching themselves to an enthusiastic he is projects is he a good father to those girls. movement saying we want the tea party. they love him because is he a to pick and choose what they compassionate and he projects all of that the more he shows up want and don't is lunacy. we are saying is exposing them on places like that, the more he for what they are. hurts you, andrea, he hurts the if you want to embrace the tea conservative movement, so it's no surprise. party these are the kind of >> all right, mike. visions, these are the >> let me come to you. positions you are talking hang on a second, andrea. about embracing. you know what? >> you are saying it is okay it's a fact that president bush to define republicans by the went on things like deal or no tea party and not just the tea deal, i think to support the party, because i think the tea troops because there was a young woman there. party in fact with its so i t. looks like when you opposition to increased taxes, break into this territory, you opposition to some health care are trying to reach new reform to big government, audiences in a changing media speaks for a lot of america. landscape, right? >> agreed. you are saying by the but here is the thing, juan. extremist of the tea party it i have no problems with him going on "the view." is okay to define all i don't. i think kudos to barbara republicans. does that mean it is okay to
5:27 am
walters. define all democrats by the she has brought that show to a most left wing any whole new level. my issue with him is his presidency is suffering. the issues that matter most to socialists the democratic people is not whether sea good party? >> we didn't make a move on father or not. we know he is. caucus. we didn't make a socialistic we believe that is he very personally likeable. that's why his numbers aren't in the 30's. caucus. what we are saying is if you if he were doing much better and want to part of the democratic his poll numbers were higher. i would say go for it you said party this is our platform. we embrace all views this is who we are -- we didn't seek to mike a moment ago. >> you said oh, you know, is he and bring them into the fold. >> thanks penny. busy. he should be doing other things. come on, you know politics is thank you all for watching us this evening. they have got to reach the i'm juan williams in for bill people. >> people want jobs. if you don't produce the jobs o'reilly. please remember, the spin going on any talk show doesn't matter. stops here, because we're >> i give you five seconds here, stops here, because we're looking out for you. mike. >> okay. here it is. you go to your strength. his strengths is not forbes magazine and the economists. his strength are programs like "the view." we have a changing culture that >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, july 30th. i'm alisyn in for gretchen this morning. changing culture that he is a no deal for charlie rangel. now his peers are calling an justing to he doesn't have? i strengths anymore. emergency meeting today and the i'm sorry. >> i think you learned something congressman is starting to feel the heat. if you are listening to these two. >> plenty more ahead as the
5:28 am
factor moves along. >> i survived a chinese attack the sciu says the arizona law is the same as japanese internment during world war ii. in north korea and i haven't had wow. we will play the video and let a bad day since. you decide if they have crossed today i have to reassess that. the line. and then, did the commander and >> will he fight the ethics chief purr vad our intrepid violations to the end and drag culture warriors with his this through the midterm elections? >> maybe. appearance on theview this morning in the warriors will be meanwhile, they sued her. now she's suing them back. here to share their thoughts. governor jan brewer of arizona we hope you stay tuned to those taking the department of justice reports. to court to fight for arizona's new illegals law and now at least two more states ready to follow in arizona's footsteps. >> and the "american idol" judges panel will never be the same. simon is gone. now ellen says i
5:29 am
5:30 am
i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener ear plugs [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day.
5:31 am
>> juan: in the factor follow-up segment tonight, unrest in arizona. dozens of people in phoenix were arrested. hauled off in handcuffs as opponents of the state's new tough new immigration law went ahead with planned protests today despite a judge's ruling that blocked key enforcement parts of the law. the sciu one of the nation's
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